Wrongful Foreclosure Damages

10 May

What damages are available through a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit?
Banks are becoming more ruthless when it comes to seizing homes in a foreclosure situation-even when the foreclosure is unfounded. Doors are kicked in, locks broken, personal items damaged, not to mention the fear and stress of having strangers lurking around your property. No one should have to suffer this, and it may be possible for you to get compensation for damages in a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit. In California the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 makes most foreclosure wrongful in that the lenders do not comply with the act.

What kind of damages can I receive compensation for?

Because of the forced and sudden nature of home seizure, many damages can result from the event, especially if you believe your property is being wrongfully foreclosed upon. The people hired by the bank to physically secure your property often do not take into consideration the harm they are causing your property and family. If your home is seized in error, you are entitled to wrongful foreclosure damage compensation for:

• Physical damage to the property
• Physical damage to your personal property
• Emotional damage resulting from the invasion

Recision of a Void Notice of Default, a Void Notice of Trustees Sale, Void Trustees Deed

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