Tennessee Goes after MERS

7 May

This action recently files in Tennessee30872654-State-of-Tennessee-v-Mortgage-Electronic-Registration-Systems-Inc-et-al[1]

3 Responses to “Tennessee Goes after MERS”

  1. rick at 4:35 am #

    Has this happened in the great state of Florida yet?
    Are there any attorneys that want to sue Broward County or FL?
    This MERS crap is nationwide.
    According to Matt Taibbi, the Kansas Supreme court ruled against MERS about 9 months ago.
    The banks and MERS are sucessfully destroying our country.

  2. Jerry Jurden at 7:37 pm #


    thanks for the posting of the MERS vs Tennessee case.

    For some reason I could not copy and paste to e-mail it to my attorney .

    Is there a way you could send it to my e-mail address of ttcb77@yahoo,com.

    that way I can forward it to them.


    Jerry Jurden 404-246-8518

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