United First Class Action-Bakruptcy Stay you can use!

On Saturday March 7,2009 a meeting was held for 200 plus victims of the United First equity save your house scam. At that meeting it was determined that a class action should be filed to recover the funds lost by the victims of the unconscionable contract.

Update on April 22,2009 Judge Robles ordered the relief to become permanent therefore it is this attorneys opinion that all 2000 victims have a stay they can use to protect their home. And in Bankruptcy court they will have to produce the note to prove that they have standing to get relief from stay.

As a first step an involuntary Bankruptcy is being filed today March 9, 2009. To be considered as a creditor of said Bankruptcy please Fax the Joint Venture agreement and retainer agreement to 909-382-9956 additionally it is this attorneys opinion that said Bankruptcy will act as a “stay” for all averse actions being taken by lenders as against said victims. This opinion is based upon the fact that United First maintained an interest in the real property as a joint venture to 80% of the properties value(no matter how unconscionable this may be) this is an interest that can be protected by the Bankruptcy Stay 11 USC 362.

2:09-bk-15200-ER United First Inc a Nevada Corporation
Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Vol: i Judge: Ernest M. Robles
Date filed: 03/09/2009 Date of last filing: 03/11/2009


No. Dates Description

Filed: 03/09/2009
Entered: 03/10/2009
Docket Text Receipt Number and Filing Fee
Filed & Entered: 03/09/2009
Docket Text Involuntary Petition (Chapter 7)

Filed & Entered: 03/11/2009
Docket Text Hearing (Bk Other) Set
Filed & Entered: 03/11/2009
Docket Text Involuntary Summounitedfirstsummons1

unitedfirstbkpetitionns Issued

On March 9, 2009 an involuntary bankruptcy was filed by some of the victims of the unconscionable contract of United First Inc. While I make no warranty and you should seek the advise of counsel before undertaking this action. The Stay applicable to United First may be applicable to the 2000 plus victims of the United First Inc. there pending cases and pending evictions. See Notice of Stay Form united-first-bankruptcy-notice-of-stay

3 Responses to “United First Class Action-Bakruptcy Stay you can use!”

  1. Abby in CA at 10:41 am #

    I filed a lawsuit in CA superior against a number of involved banks, the original lender, trustees etc. The original lender, named in the note and deed, allegedly ‘sold’ the note and servicing to a large bank. So they claim. The large bank denies this and says they are only the servicer.
    Nevertheless, the original lender sent a ‘stay’ from their bankruptcy chpt 11 in Delaware in regards to the complaint I filed. Does this mean that the legal proceedings cannot go forward with all the other defendants named in the complaint. The first discovery docs have been sent to each defendant. I need responses from the original lender in this matter, but now I am assuming because of their bankruptcy stay, they do not have to respond to discovery-interrogatories.

    Advice appreciated.

  2. Cialis at 3:36 pm #

    umI25e Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  3. wrpinda at 7:23 pm #

    I recently discovered my name in the list of mortgages within the GSR Mortgage Trust. BOA has consistently denied selling my loan when in fact they sold it to GS in June 2003. Seven years later BOA recorded an assignment of my note to GS a few weeks before filing for notice of trustee sale. I believe I have the evidence of a bogus fraudulent assignment that warrants punitive damages, do you agree? I am presently preparing a complaint for fraud in State court and have filed an adversary complaint in BK ct alleging fraud. Any suggestions out there?

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